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Labothéry is a lab-themed tea café, operating a brand new concept in how we serve our products and how our customers are involved in the experience.
We believe in giving you, the customer, full control of how you want your drinks to be made, not only in terms of ice or sugar level, but every component of the drink altogether. All available ingredients are organized in our fun, lab-themed packaging for your selection. We take pride in letting customers know what exactly goes into their drinks – no secrets! Once you’ve gathered the ingredients, our baristas will prepare the drink to your desire.
The options offered at Labothéry are endless. We don’t have a menu – only a selection of fresh ingredients for you to choose from. Get ready to unleash your inner chemist!


the owner

I was born and raised in Montreal, where my family also ran a local Chinese restaurant for several years. Since young, I have loved the food and beverages industry because of its ability to bring people together.


After moving to Toronto from Montreal, I wanted to build a business of my own. For a long time, I wondered what I could be doing differently or what could be something new to bring to Toronto’s ever-changing food scene.


I saw the popularity of bubble tea shops and chains around the city, and although there are a plethora of them, there was no place I felt like I could customize my own drink beyond ice and sugar level preferences. I believe that everyone has different tastes, and not everyone can picture how a drink will turn out by looking at a menu with over a hundred items.


I then had the idea of letting my customers pick out their own ingredients, as I love the ability to touch and see what goes into my food (which is also why I love cooking). Like others who enjoy to cook at home, one of the major reasons why we do is because we have full control in choosing our ingredients to fit our tastes. WE can do just that at Labothery. You can physically choose your flavours, sugar, dairy and toppings! You can consider Labothery as a supermarket for bubble tea as you will see in the variety we offer.


Lastly, I threw in the lab theme to make things even more fun, because why not?


Jeffrey Shek


Photo by: @ellexeats

Jeffery Shek
About the owner
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